[2013-09-04] Helpdesk workshop in Qingdao
[2013-09-04] What's in a Name?Branding and Trade Mark Protection in China
Event DetailsEvent type:Workshop Date:Wednesday 4 September 2013 Time:4.00pm - 7.30pmLocation:Redstar Times Media, Rm 401 Bld 3, Creative 100 Industry Park, 100 Nanjing Lu, Qingdao青岛红星时代文化传播,青岛市南京路100号3楼41室Event partner:Redstar Times Media Admission:Free to attend but only open to European SMEs and intermediary organisations-----Event DescriptionMany people tend to think about patents or ...
[2013-08-28] Investing in the USA Hot Topics and Solutions of Law and Taxation Issues
投资美国----热点法律和税务问题解决方案Investing in the USAHot Topics and Solutions of Law and Taxation Issues邀请 函INVITATION尊敬的女士们、先生们:Dear Friends,近年来,中国企业正越来越多地走出国门,试图在更广阔的国际舞台上谋求发展,却频频遭遇国外法律、税务、文化等多重挑战。作为世界上最大的发达国家和最大的发展中国家,美国和中国的经济互补性很强,特别是第九轮中美双边投资协定谈判已于2013年6月3日-8日在青岛举行且该中美双边投资协定将成为中美TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement)跨太平洋伙伴关系协议谈判的出发点。Over the past years, an increasing number of Chinese companies seek ...
[2013-07-27] Summer social cocktail party @ Canvas
[2013-07-22] Seminar "Knowing your partners in China"
QIBA Member benefit: It will be free for all QIBA members showing a QIBA ID card at time of registration
[2013-05-24] French Bretagne Festival
[2013-01-31] China's public opinion - Media & its role in Chinese Society -
Seminar in QINGDAOChina's public opinion- Media & its role in Chinese Society -InterContinental Qingdao| Thursday, January 31, 2013 | 17:00 - 20:00 Good News! QIBA members only need to pay RMB100&
[2012-12-07] STIHL and dual education
The program is working together with the German AHK and the Jinan vocational college.Goal of the training program is to develop professional skilled employees in the field of industrial mechanics.This qualification will be proved by a certificate form the German AHK.The program is a great chance to develop professionals in the field of industrial mechanics.But there is also the need to built up ...
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