[2016-11-12] Event of German Enterprise Centre Qingdao: A Day of History & Traditions!
12 November 2016 at the GECQ:A Day of History & Traditions!2016年11月12日在青岛德国企业中心:感受历史与传统!"China in Those Days""神州旧忆 – 从早期明信片看历史上的中国"12 November 2016, 14:00– 16:002016年11月12日 14:00– 16:00
[2016-10-26] QIBA October Event / QIBA 十月活动
Handling customer's objections during a sales negotiation在销售谈判时处理客户的异议Abdelhak Benkerroum/Eastheimer International阿道/东方海默国际October 26, Hyatt Regency Qingdao10月26日,青岛鲁商凯悦酒店6 - 7pm Cocktail Hour, 7 - 8pm Presentation晚6 - 7点自助交流酒会,晚7 - 8点主题讲座Free for QIBA annual members, 180 for guestsQIBA年度会员免费,非会员180元/位Speaker Profile 主讲人简
[2016-10-22] 2016 IHG Shandong Charity Golf Tournament & Qingdao International Cross-Chamber Friendship Golf Competition
Dear members,2016 IHG Shandong Charity Golf Tournament & Qingdao International Cross-Chamber Friendship Golf Competition will be held on October 22. QIBA members and friends are invited. All the income of this event will be used on helping kids from poor families go back to school.Date:Saturday October 22nd, 2016Time:11:00 - 20:30Veneu:Golf Competition – Qingdao Shi LaoRen Golf Club (466 ...
[2016-09-28] How to win on Linkedin.com/如何在领英网上获得成功
6pm, September 28, Hyatt RegencyDid you know that in June 2016 Microsoft bought Linkedin.com for $26.2 billion in cash?Linkedin.com is the worlds leading social network for professionals with more than 450 million members in over 200 countries. The number of users in China is already 20 million and is growing fast.However, many people don’t know how to get the best from the site.It doesn’t matter ...
[2016-08-24] Childbirth and Childcare in Qingdao: What are the options for expats? 外籍人士在青岛生育和儿童保育的选择有哪些?
Proper medical care is a huge concern for expat professionals. When it’s time to start a family, all of the issues and questions become especially important. Prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care — how do we do this in Qingdao?On Wednesday, August 24, QIBA will hold an event that will answer your important questions about this critical issue. Five experts from various fields will be part of a ...
[2016-10-31] QIBA Seminar Series – French
Details coming soon...
[2016-07-27] QIBA July Event/QIBA7月活动
Opportunity or Challenge? - Foreign Wine Investor in Qingdao机遇与挑战 - 在青投资的外国葡萄酒庄分享Steven Yin / Qingdao Great River Hill Winery尹子成 / 青岛大好河山葡萄酒业有限公司July 27, 6:00 – 8:30pm, Hyatt Regency Qingdao7月27日,晚6:00 – 8:30,青岛鲁商凯悦酒店Free for QIBA annual members, 180 for guestsQIBA年度会员免费,非会员180元/位
[2016-07-21] Leadership to improve business results and people’s lives
Compton TothillJuly 21, 6 – 8:30pm, Hilton Golden Beach, HuangdaoFree for QIBA annual members, 180 for guestsWhy does China, with almost unlimited human talent, with some of the highest education levels in the world, hard-working and aspiring young people striving to succeed in their careers, score so low (No.71 in the 2016 survey) in the World Economic Forum's Human Capital Index, even well ...
[2016-06-22] Adapting Cultures: Creating An International Business
Patrick DempseyJune 22, 6 – 9pm, BEBA, Hyatt RegencyFree for QIBA annual members, 180 for guestsHollywood is deeply engrained in their ways for the last 100 years. Pairing this culture with a culture such as China's can be challenging. How can a new culture be created to keep everyone happy?Patrick Dempsey currently is the Chief Operating Officer for Wanda Studios Qingdao. He was invited to join ...
[2016-06-02] QIBA North Qingdao Innovation Community Tour
Dear Members,Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovationhas become the most popular political slogan, which was promoted by China’s Premier Minister Li Keqiang to encourage the country to give more freedom to innovative and creative talents and their start-ups to support the economic transition. As a result, a great number of innovations platforms, such as business incubators, accelerators and maker ...
[2016-05-27] QIBA Inter-chamber Networking Event on May 27
Friday, May 27, 6-9pmQ-Bar, Qingdao Shangri-La HotelOn May 27, Qingdao's international chamber of commerce, trade representitives, and business associates will come together for an evening of new possibilities at Q-Bar! We'll enjoy time with friends, sample imported wines, talk business and not-business, groove on live music, and win terrific lucky draw prizes from QIBA members and sponsors!We ...
[2016-05-19] How to deal with stress at work
May19,6pmHilton Golden BeachDo you always feel “busy”at work? Do you struggle to finish your things-to-do list each day and feel stressed about it? Would you like to leave work every day feeling less stressed and more fulfilled?If so, come and join us on Thursday, May 19, at Hilton Golden Beach in Huangdao, you will definitely find this presenta
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