Articles of QIBA (Draft)


Section 1. Name: Qingdao International Business Association (“QIBA”)

Section 2. Mission: "To be a cooperative platform for international business success in Qingdao. From startups to multinationals, QIBA will always strive to be the inclusive place to learn, network, grow and prosper."

To accomplish this mission, QIBA shall adhere to these guidelines:

1. Encourage business and community prosperity by promoting economic programs designed to strengthen and enhance the financial opportunities for all businesses within Qingdao, China.

2. Serve as an effective non-partisan, non-sectarian voice for business on legislative, business, social, governmental and community issues affecting those doing business in Qingdao, China.

3. Identify and overcome obstacles that are detrimental to the business climate and community growth.

4. Support civic, social, cultural and charity programs designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community.

5. Promote best practices and continual learning.

Section 3. Office: QIBA is a nonprofit Association. Its principal office shall be a virtual office until such time a physical location is warranted and able to be supported financially.

Section 4. Limitation:QIBA shall observe all local, regional and national laws which may apply to a non-profit organization.

Section 5. Seal: QIBA shall have a seal/logo of such design as the Board of Directors may adopt. The seal/logo shall be in the custody of  the Treasurer.


Section 1. Eligibility: Any reputable person, sole-proprietor, association, corporation, partnership or estate who meets any of the following requirements:.

1.  A company representative wishing to do business in or out of China;

2.  An individual working on behalf of a charitable, educational, cultural or other similar organization, the activities of which are consistent with the objectives of QIBA;

3.  An intern or research associate.

Section 2. Application: Prospective members may apply by email to, or in person at a QIBA event.

Section 3. Investment: Annual membership investment shall be at the rates or formula as may be from time to time prescribed by the Board of Directors, payable in advance.

Section 4. Individual Membership: Any person, who is interested in the Qingdao community affairs and meets any one of the membership eligibility criteria set forth above, shall be eligible for an individual membership.

Section 5. Corporate Membership: A corporation, partnership, or estate that wishes to sponsors an active membership of up to (3) individual memberships shall be designated a "member company " and eligible for corporate membership.  Member companies are encouraged to display evidence of their support for the Association at their places of business. Member companies may request the transfer of active memberships sponsored by them to new individuals whose names may be presented to the QIBA Board of Directors.

Section 6. Sponsor Membership: Any association, company, club or non-profit organization that is interested in the Qingdao community and/or commercial development and wishes to be associated with QIBA at a sponsorship level, shall be designated a “sponsor company” and eligible for sponsor membership.

Section 7. Life Membership: Any QIBA Chairperson, Past Chairperson or Vice Chairperson who has held one of these positions for three years or more shall automatically become life members of the Association at the conclusion of their term of office of the then 3rdyear, and shall be entitled to all the rights and responsibilities of active members, but shall be exempt from payment of annual membership investment.

Section 8. Voting: Each member of the QIBA Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote.

Section 9. Termination:

a. Any member may resign from QIBA upon written request to the Board of Directors; however, such resignation shall not relieve a member from any arrearage of membership investments, subscriptions or their indebtedness to the Association.

b. Any member may be expelled by a vote of the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting thereof for conduct prejudicial to the aims or reputation of the Association.

Section 11. Reinstatement: The Board of Directors may reinstate any former member of the Association upon terms and conditions as it may deem fit.


Section 1. Monthly: The monthly meeting of QIBA Board of Directors and General Membership shall be held at such time and place as shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Additional:

a. The Board of Directors shall hold regular meetings at such times as the Directors shall decide, and may by majority vote provide that regular meetings shall be held more often. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chairperson at his/her discretion and shall be called at the request of not less than three directors, upon twenty four hour notice, served by email, by telephone, or mailed to each director at his/her business or residence address.

b. Committee meetings may be called by the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, President (if such a position exists), or by committee directors.

Section 3. Quorums:

a. Seven (7) Board Members shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the QIBA Board of Directors and/or vote by email.

b. At all meetings and/or voting opportunities of the Board of Directors, a minimum of six (6) favorable votes are required for the adoption or approval of any action of the Board.

Section 4. Notice, Agenda, Minutes: Written notice of all QIBA Board meetings must be given at least three (3) days in advance unless otherwise stated. An advance agenda and minutes must be prepared for all meetings. In cases of emergency, of which the Chairperson shall be the judge, special meetings may be held on twenty-four (24) hours’ notice. Upon request, all QIBA Board of Directors are entitled to a copy of the Board meeting minutes after the minutes have received Board approval.

Section 5. Language:  English shall be the prevailing language at all meetings, events and activities.


Section 1. Composition: The QIBA Board of Directors (“ Board”) shall be composed of eleven (11) paid annual members and shall adhere to the following criteria:

· The Board will have a balance between Foreign and Chinese members.

· The Board will comprise of one (1) Chairperson whom will have the deciding authority for any split vote.  Should the Chairperson be of Foreign nationality and/or citizenship, the Vice Chairperson position should be of Chinese Nationality and/or citizenship, and vice versa.

· The Board will comprise of one (1) Vice Chairperson and one (1) Past Chairperson with equal authority.  Past Chairperson position is at the acceptance of the outgoing Chairperson from the previous year.&nbs

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