Those Moments in Old Times 那些旧时光里的记忆

On January 23th 2019, Qingdao International Business Association held a successful event at Hyatt. Nina Wilenius, Photographer from Finland and Jade Feng, Journalist of Qingdao Radio & TV gave a speech and take us to the trip Qingdao in Transition, from both a westerner’s view and a local girl’s thought.

2019年1月23日,QIBA青岛国际商务俱乐部一月份活动在青岛鲁商凯悦酒店成功举办,芬兰的职业摄影师Nina Wilenius和青岛广播电视台记者冯璇进行了主题演讲,分别从一个外国人的视角和一个本地人的感受一起来说说变迁中的青岛。

Nina Wilenius, a professional photographer from Finland, was struck by the liveliness in those old streets in Qingdao’s old town during her first Asia trip two years ago, and decided to document old Qingdao in transition with her camera thus started her “Qingdao Series”, with Huangdao Road as the start point.

两年前,当来自芬兰的职业摄影师Nina Wilenius第一次来到亚洲,就被青岛老城区那些旧街道上的生活打动了,于是她决定用镜头记录下老城区的变迁:Nina从黄岛路开始了“青岛系列”的拍摄。

Jade Feng, a journalist from Qingdao Radio & TV, who grew up in the old town and studied at the old campus of Qingdao No. 9 Middle School before going to university, was deeply impressed by Nina and her works. The Silk Road retracing adventure with her colleagues by driving from Qingdao to Germany a couple of years ago provided her a broader view at culture and development.


The first QIBA night in 2019. Youcansee a difference.


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