Those Moments in Old Times那些旧时光里的记忆

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QIBA January Event

18:00 - 20:00, Wednesday, January 23, 2018

3F, Hyatt Regency Qingdao


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Nina Wilenius, Photographer from Finland

To Nina Wilenius, a photographer from Helsinki, Finland, a camera is her bridge to humanity, society, and life in general. The continuous evolution of the human habitat is addressed in her photographs through both the past and the present. Her photographs are built on instinctual observations and captured in a subtle, dream-like and at times playful manner.

Currently, Nina works on international art projects. Her documentary photographs portray moments from people's everyday lives, some of which were displayed in September 2017 at Nina Wilenius solo exhibition “China / Finland” at Jamu gallery Qingdao.

Before Nina Wilenius started doing professional photography, her working field had been documentary films, video editing, video installation, multimedia production and in contemporary art in Helsinki and London.


Jade Feng,Journalist, Qingdao Radio & TV

Born in Qingdao and grew up in its old town, Jade Feng (Feng Xuan or冯璇in Chinese) reported the recent SCO Qingdao Summit.

Having travelled to Europe, Africa, Oceania, and of course other parts of Asia, and sailing across the Caspian Sea and the English Channel, she is well known for her broad coverage in the last 12 years: she reported the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2012 London Olympics, and 2014 Brazil World Cup. She was also a team reporter of 2009-2010 Clipper, Bilingual Commentator of Extreme Sailing Series Qingdao Stopover, Reporter in South Africa of 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race Dongfeng Team. Jade has sailed for more than 2000 nautical miles while reporting various sailing teams.

In 2016, as a member of the Press Corps, Jade set off with her colleagues from Qingdao, driving through 12 countries along the Belt and Road, making Qingdao Radio & TV the first regional media to retrace the route of the Silk Road. Jade accomplished the first half of the 18000km journey.

Brief Introduction

How long has it been since your last conversation with your next-door neighbour? Do you actually know your neighbour, who shares the same concrete box with you?

How much do you still remember of those moments, sweet or bitter, lost in the past, when we all lived in a real, breathing neighbourhood?

Yes indeed, modernity and urbanisation have given us convenience, privacy and more security which we all enjoy and appreciate, yet are also alienating ourselves from propinquity with our loved ones… How many of us would often sigh over those “childhood memories” from those “old days”. How we wish all those could be documented while at the same time, paradoxically, sniffing at those slow days of simple yet real life, often in those old, shabby lanes, which we all lived in and tried every means to flee from.

Nina Wilenius, a professional photographer from Finland, was struck by the liveliness in those old streets in Qingdao’s old town during her first Asia trip two years ago, and decided to document old Qingdao in transition with her camera thus started her “Qingdao Series”, with Huangdao Road as the start point.

Jade Feng, a journalist from Qingdao Radio & TV, who grew up in the old town and studied at the old campus of Qingdao No. 9 Middle School before going to university, was deeply impressed by Nina and her works. The Silk Road retracing adventure with her colleagues by driving from Qingdao to Germany a couple of years ago provided her a broader view at culture and development.

On Wednesday, 23rdJanuary, QIBA will have both Nina and Jade, to talk about Qingdao in Transition, from both a westerner’s view and a local girl’s thought. We will also see many of Nina’s Qingdao Series photos, which have not been publicised yet.

The first QIBA night in 2019. You will see a difference. Meet you at 18:00 on 3F, Hyatt Qingdao.


2018年1月23日,周三,18:00 -20:00



18:00 - 19:00自助交流酒会

19:00 - 20:00主题讲座




Nina Wilenius, 芬兰,职业摄影师

对于来自芬兰赫尔辛基的职业摄影师Nina Wilenius来说,相机镜头是她与人性、社会以及生活相连接的桥梁。她用最本真的观察,充满微妙梦境色调的作品,而有时又不失顽皮的手法,展现了人们的生活环境从过去到当下的持续变迁。











是啊,现代化和城市化带来了更多的便捷、个人空间和安全感,我们无不为此欣喜不已,然而这些又让我们与亲人邻里变得更加疏离… …我们又有多少次在感叹那些“旧时光里童年的记忆”,多么希望所有这些都可以被记录下来,而无比吊诡地,我们又对旧时光里那些简单、真实、缓慢的生活充满不屑,于是用尽所有气力来逃离那些曾经居住过破旧的小街和胡同。

两年前,当来自芬兰的职业摄影师Nina Wilenius第一次来到亚洲,就被青岛老城区那些旧街道上的生活打动了,于是她决定用镜头记录下老城区的变迁:Nina从黄岛路开始了“青岛系列”的拍摄。




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